About the Chamber


We will be a world-class organization that thrives on continuous improvement, providing exceptional results through service, innovation, community leadership and collaboration.


There are three primary functions performed by the chamber:

  1. Promote business: The Chamber serves as the primary destination marketing organization and promotes the tourism industry out-of-market. The Chamber also provides numerous opportunities for local businesses to promote themselves to visitors, residents and other businesses.
  2. Protect business: The Chamber seeks to influence legislation and regulation by local, state and federal governments in a proactive manner, supporting legislation that benefits businesses and the communities they reside in and, where necessary, opposing legislation that unnecessarily inhibits businesses.
  3. Improve business: The Chamber offers a multitude of programs and services that assist businesses and/or individuals.

Mission Statement

The mission of City of Whitehall Chamber of Commerce is to provide community leadership in the promotion of economic development, including business development, services, and networking. Accordingly, the chamber will effectively involve itself with the governmental and the coordinating of efforts to advance business development in order to improve the quality of life and to encourage unity in our business community.